Trapezoidal seat, sagging from the front and scalloped on the sides connected with armrests and back. Wavy armrests lying on seat brackets connect to the back. Backrest consisting of a pair of flat, backward leaning frames, curved at the top and a wooden board. Board with scalloped cut, and flat carved shell at the top. Wavy cut front legs, rounded, broadening upwards. Claw shaped feet with a ball /cut in half/. Back legs square shaped, partially rolled. Rolled strips between legs in shape of letter H. upholstered seat insert, removable. White oil polychrome, gold shell.


Style: folk. Material and technique: wood carving, polychrome


Style: Neo gothic. Material and technique: wood carved, polychrome


The saber “remembers” the January Uprising. It was bought from a private collector via RTPW.