FIRST BOOK OF KINGS — a gift from Stanisław Gosławski. 1628


The described treasure consists of 265 silver coins dated for years 1604-1623. Some of the coins were collected by the king Zygmunt III Wizards. The only exception is the Saxon Thaler of Krystian II created in 1604. The rest of the treasure are coins created somewhere in the Kingdom of Poland. On the heads of the coins is the emblem of Kingdom of Poland - the White Eagle and emblem of Lithuania - Pogonia, as well as coat of arms of the Waza royal family.


A sword from late Middle Ages from Wąwolnica City Museum.

In Wąwolnica City Museum there is a sword from late Middle Ages that has never been seen publicly. The museum that holds this exhibit has quite unusual location as it is located in the thumb of the church’s chapel. The museum was founded by a priest named father Jan Pędziora — then pastor at the St. Adalbert Church in Wąwolnica and by the Society of Friends of Wąwolnica in 1995. Among its exhibits there are interesting artifacts connected to the history of the region from the Paleolithic era to modern times.

The sword from the exhibition was available to us thanks to mrs Wiesława Dybała, the curator of the museum and also father Jerzy Ważny. According to mrs Jadwiga Teodorowicz-Czerpińska, the person who gifted the sword to the museum, it was found during field work in and undisclosed location near Nałęczów.


Brass cast, silver plated. Norblin Warszawa

Kazanie na poszczególne niedziele księga

A book “Sermon for individual Sundays”
Measurements: 36x24 cm